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You will receive a portion of the masks that our customers donate during June!

Get Even more masks by sending us customers

Here’s one more way to cover your cost of keeping your customers – and your employees safe!

Use the marketing materials below, and every order of protective equipment we receive, we’ll give you 5 quality disposable masks.

Use these 3 simple tools to get free masks:

Send an email to your list:


Simply send an email like the one below (place this in a ‘code edit’ style, where the business owner can copy and paste).


Dear Beloved Customer,

We’re excited to open up our store again, and continue to service you.

To keep you safe, we have all of our employees wear quality face mask, and abide by our local regulations.

The extra costs of protective equipment are challenging for us.

Luckily, you can help us. Whenever you buy your masks and protective equipment at Giving Masks (link to page), we get 5 free quality masks;
which our employees can then wear.

So go to Giving Masks (link to page) for your face masks.

Thank you for being a customer, and supporting us in re-opening!

Your friends at [Company Name]

Social Media Post:


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Can you help us #OpenUpAmerica? (Safely)

Buy your face masks at[mybusinesspage] and our team gets 5 quality masks for every box you purchase.

Print this 8.5″x11″ brochure and put it in your store, so customers can see and purchase.


(Sam – see outline below)

PDF to download and print

Help [Company Name] Keep you Safe!
We get 5 quality masks from Giving Masks for every box of masks you buy from them.

Support us when you buy your masks by:

Scanning this QR Code to buy from Giving Masks:

Going to[mybusinesspage]

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