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FFP2 (European Certified) Respirator Masks – CE & FFP2


FFP2 (European Certified) Respirator Masks – Hospital Donation

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UV sanitizer lamp + Reusable Respirator Mask Bundle


UV sanitizer lamp + Reusable Respirator Mask Bundle


Includes the UV sanitizer wand and a re-usable respirator mask at a deep discount! UV sanitizer wand comes with a 180 day hassle free warranty. Both products are also protected by the Giving Masks 30 days money back guarantee.


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UV Sanitizer Wand Features:

1. Suitable for home, office business trip, outing, etc. Easy to carry and use

2. Using ultraviolet light, this wand can remove 99.99% bacteria, molds covering household products, and remove odors.

3. Maintain cleanliness of your room, closet, and household items.

4. Lightweight clamshell design saves space and ready to sterilize anything at anytime.

5. Simple operation, just press the button to sterilize.

6. Built-in automatic safety switch, the ultraviolet light will automatically turn off when the rotating.germicidal lamp tube is facing upwards in the working state. If you need to restore the working state, you only need to rotate the germicidal lamp tube facing down.

7. Used in personal daily necessities, spoons, tableware, telephone sets, desks, toilets, public places, cars, etc., to avoid harmful germs and bacteria, and ensure a healthy and healthy living environment.

8. Can be powered by USB connection (cannot be charged), also supports 4 AAA batteries (not included).


Includes a 180 day warranty by default.

Reusable Mask Product Description:





MI AMERICAS Superior Filtering Face Masks – Model #4521 are washable, reusable, lightweight and made with a high efficiency, triple layered filtration fabric to filter out dust, moisture droplets, bacteria, pollen, and other airborne pathogens. The face mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin for ultimate protection. The flexible loops provide universal fit for easy breathing. Plus, you can wear your glasses fog-free and comfortably.


    • Made in the USA
    • Superior Filtering Face Mask Cover
    • One size fit most
    • Triple layer construction
    • ISO 10993 Compliant
    • Tested by FDA approved and ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory


  • Triple-layer construction. Made from 100% cotton twill and cotton poplin blend for a breathable comfort


    • Patent Pending
    • Made in the USA by hard-working, skilled American workers
    • Certified by Nelson Labs to meet the Fluid resistance levels of an ASTM level 1 surgical mask
    • Certified by Nelson Labs to meet the resistance levels of an air purifier respirator
    • The only 3-ply cloth face mask which allows for better breathability and protection. Unlike polypropylene, the mask automatically fits the contours of your face. This leaves a slightly more breathable mask, while requiring less ‘fiddling’ to ensure that liquid droplets and air aren’t going around the mask. This can often happen with surgical or 3-ply masks that can’t be fitted.
    • Uses state-of-the-art technology to protect against potentially harmful droplets and airborne particles
    • Lightweight and easy to clean



Medical Industries of the Americas (MI Americas) is the largest manufacturer of medical commodities and the only factory in North America with dipping lines. MI Americas is a producer of rubber, plastics, and textiles with a nationwide supply chain of domestic supplier vendors.

In addition to meeting the FDA/ISO standards for biocompatibility, MI Americas Superior Filtering Face Masks continue to undergo rigorous testing against the highest standards and most current guidelines put forth by FDA, ANSI, ILAC, ASTM, and NIOSH.


When wearing the MI Americas Superior Filtering Face Masks, ensure that:

  1. The mask fits snugly over the face.
  2. The textured side of the mask faces outwards.
  3. Face Mask with two comfortably-fitted elastic bands. Hold the mask in your hand with the nosepiece or top of the mask at fingertips, allowing the headbands to hang freely below hands. Bring the mask to your nose level and pull the top strap over your head so that it rests over the crown of your head. Pull the bottom strap pull over your head so that it rests at the nape of your neck.
  4. The strings or elastic bands are positioned properly to keep the mask firmly in place.
  5. The mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin.
  6. Mask should be washed after every use.


These masks will not meet the NIOSH N95 standards, as they are’t designed to filter tiny particles (e.g. of sand etc). As of current research, the primary way the coronavirus spreads is through fluid droplets, which this mask is effective at blocking.

Please note that although many medical institutions and nursing homes do prefer these over a standard surgical mask, they are not yet certified by the FDA. This is in process. However, under the FDA EUA, medical facilities may replace NIOSH approved N95 during the current shortage.

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