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ASTM Level 2 Face Masks


FFP2 (European Certified) Respirator Masks – Hospital Donation

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FFP2 (European Certified) Respirator Masks – CE & FFP2

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If worn properly, a KN95 Face mask is certified to protect against prolonged contact to infectious viral and bacterial diseases. Our KN95 face masks are CE certified as FFP2, and are also chinese certified.

Our KN95 face masks are available in a box of 20, or a case of 20 boxes (400 masks).

What is a KN95 respirator mask?

  • 1 pack 20KN95 masks.
    100% brand new and high quality Dustproof Mouth-muffle Dust Mask. Non-woven fabrics and filtering material.

    • 1st Layer: soft non-woven fabric
    • 2nd Layer: carbon fiber filter layer
      the third layer: filter cotton
      the fourth floor: pp non-woven fabric
      Comfortable material will not rub your face. Reduce the viral infection in crowd.

There are 3 governing bodies that have standards – the US standards, by the ASTM and also CDC/NIOSH standards. There is also the European standards, then the chinese standards.

ASTM Standards + CDC/NIOSH:

The ASTM has 3 levels of certification – ASTM level 1,2 and 3. Each has certain minimum requirements. NIOSH has a stringent certification process, which few factories have gone through, even if they have gone through CE certification.

The CE has 3 levels of certification – FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

These disposable N95 respirator masks are certified as FFP2, as well as KN95’s by the Chinese government.

See more about the difference between N95’s and KN95’s here:


medical expo

crosstex list of ASTM/CE levels

FDA COVID-19 Guidelines


Breaking News – FDA now approves hospitals to use KN95’s:

Due to the lack of availability of N95’s, and slow production rates, the FDA has now approved hospitals to purchase KN95’s.

Beware of fakes/non-certified masks:

Unfortunately, there are many scammers galore with the current mask shortage. We buy factory direct, ensure that the factory has all of the required certifications and inspect all of the boxes before they leave the factory.

There are many sellers online that are selling face masks that aren’t certified. Please make sure to check before you buy.

What should a medical practitioner use?

Ideally, medical practitioners should be using respirator masks. These masks have a much smaller particulate filter. They do require experience tightening properly, but ensure that a minimum of 98% of bacteria can not penetrate the mouth. It is also advised that practitioners use eye goggles or face shields.

In terms of certification, the CDC has a NIOSH certification, and those masks are called “N95’s”. There are very few companies that are actually NIOSH certified. In CE certification, those are called FFP2’s.

Due to the scarcity of masks that are certified, the FDA has released guidelines allowing KN95’s (the chinese equivalent) to be used by practitioners.

20 Masks/Box

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

Box (20 Masks), Case (400 Masks)

Shipping & Handling

We ship air freight, factory direct from china. This leaves us up to 3 days of handling, and air freight of 3-8 days.

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You've Been Upgraded to a CDC Whitelisted KN95 Mask!

The CDC has approved a limited amount of KN95’s a “CDC Whitelisted”, meaning that their quality is good enough to be used in a medical environment instead of an N95. We’ve upgraded our standard FFP2 masks to these CDC Whitelisted ones, just for you!