Breaking: Are These Made-In-USA Masks the Key to Opening Up the Country?

It’s Time For America to Open Up!

Too many entitled liberals believe the coronavirus is an excuse to sit at home forever. This was NEVER the plan.

The shutdowns were necessary for our medical system to “flatten the curve” of the initial wave of COVID-19, ensuring our hospitals had enough beds and ventilators for every serious case.

Now that this has been accomplished, it’s important to get America back to work as soon as possible. Being stuck at home has been hard on all of us and like President Trump has said,

the “cure cannot be worse than the virus itself.”

The Coronavirus WILL Kill Thousands More By 2021

Wearing a face mask in situations where social distancing is difficult is not a sign of weakness or fear. It means that you have listened to the scientists and are willing to take common-sense precautions to protect you and those around you from this horrific disease.

Do not underestimate COVID-19, even healthy individuals are not immune to its powerful effects. Individuals with underlying health conditions are very susceptible to severe complications and death as a result of contracting the virus.

Dying of coronavirus is a sad, painful, and lonely way to go. Victims of the virus often die alone in the hospital with no loved ones allowed to visit. Those lucky enough to afford a funeral must be held with guests driving through in cars.

The Following Activities are Far Safer When Wearing a Face Mask

Unfortunately, many Americans are being lulled into a false sense of security with inferior masks. How can you tell if your mask is effective?

These researchers say that most cloth masks don’t work

Stores have been requiring shoppers to wear any type of mask, including cloth masks. When the store can’t afford it, they require the employees to bring their own masks. However, Dr. Brosseau and Dr. Sietsema are experts in respiratory protection, and they say that there is NO EVIDENCE that your average cloth mask provides any protection to the spread of the virus.

So, we should all wear N95 masks, right?

Do N95 masks cause more breathing problems?

So, the solution would probably be to wear N95 masks, right? There’s a problem. There’s still a severe national shortage of N95 masks, which hospital and frontline workers need more than we do. They are also very expensive.

Lastly, your standard N95 mask actually traps your carbon dioxide that you breathe out in a mask. In a 2003 study, 37% of healthcare workers who were healthy and wore N95 masks complained of headaches due to lack of oxygen.

Over ⅓ of healthy people, properly using N95’s, complained of breathing problems! Now, when high risk individuals who have respiratory issues wear an N95 mask, do you think that it’s healthier for them, or does it carry significant risk?

Why you don’t want to just buy a 3-ply mask on Amazon

3-ply masks are cheap. They are easy to get and can cost under $.50 cents per mask. The challenge is that a standard 3-ply mask is not a ‘medical’ product, there is no quality control. They may be a bit better than a cloth mask, but you simply won’t know the quality.

New Study says that surgical masks reduce the spread of the virus by 75%!

There’s a new study done in Hong Kong that showed that surgical masks may reduce the spread of corona by up to 75%. This is exciting, indeed.


But, since most of these masks are made in China, can we even trust them?

The World Relies on China for Face Masks. Is That Dangerous?

China has had a lock on manufacturing face masks. Over 90% of face masks are produced in China. After the virus spread (thanks to China), over 20,000 new face mask factories opened up.


Factories that were making shoes and bags and anything else started making face masks. Chinese companies that never manufactured before suddenly opened up to manufacture masks.


Many of those factories just copied other companies’ certifications and then pretended to be selling the same thing. Knockoffs. Many certified companies sent a good mask to the lab for certification but then didn’t remove the lower quality masks from their shipments.


In addition to poor quality, shipping can sometimes take weeks from China. With sub-par tracking, packages routinely go missing as well.


Most masks are still made in China, it’s just a sad reality, and here are ways to get quality masks.


This US-made, surgical quality respirator mask only costs $.43 each time you use it!

When we discovered the MI Americas 3-ply cloth respirator mask, we couldn’t believe it! These masks are certified by Nelson Labs to protect you from 95% of fluid spray, just like a surgical mask.

The face mask is a ‘respirator’, meaning that it fits comfortably around your face, blocking your fluids from escaping around the sides of a mask, like an N95. Plus, with the unique way the mask straps work, there’s no ‘custom fitting’ required!

You can reuse the mask safely up to 60 times by just throwing it in the wash after you use it.

At $43 $26/mask, you get a certified US-made mask that is comfortable, is much less likely to cause respiratory issues and is cheaper than buying a 3-ply on Amazon. 

Your masks will be sent from our USA-based distribution center on the next business day and will get to you quickly.

This is the mask we wear, and we prefer it over an N95 and all other alternatives.

Plus - we support a local business when you buy.

Let’s face it, small businesses are in dire straits. Many of them have been closed for months while paying rent and employees. The economy has ground to a standstill. As they open up, the rules for having customers in the store only allows them to have ¼ the amount of customers in the store at once. Lastly, many of them have to pay for masks and other protective products to keep it safe for you.

When you buy a mask at Giving Masks, we support a local business by sending them FIVE free masks, helping them reduce their costs while getting back to work.

This mask is a no-brainer. Buy today, and spend close to $100 less per month than your Chinese KN95 pieces of junk.

In a war against a virus, personal protective equipment is like ammunition. It is so inspiring to see Americans from all over come together at and support their communities in the fight against coronavirus. Watch the video below to see just one example of how is supporting local communities.

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