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Giving masks was founded by a team that has sold millions of dollars of medical supplies. Starting in January of 2020, there was a massive spike in orders for face masks across the industry. Unfortunately, the whole world was caught with their pants down, and there was a huge shortage of face masks and other protective equipment.

Giving Masks was started to source and provide the best quality face masks and protection equipment to regular citizens while supporting great causes.


Giving Masks orders in bulk from the manufacturer, provides some of the best pricing in the industry, and donates 5 masks for every order on our site to healthcare heroes or small businesses in need .

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between procedural, surgical and N95 masks?
Face masks are used in a variety of environments. Often times, you will see them in a doctors office or clinical settings. Doctors and nurses in any operating room will use masks. Masks can also be used in higher risk settings, where you are trying to prevent either microscopic germs like the coronavirus, or noxious fumes from getting into breath. Procedural masks are used primarily to block your own bodily fluids from dripping onto others in clinical environments. These are basic ASTM level 1 or level 2 masks. Surgical masks are a bit higher of a quality, as they are intended to be used in surgical environments. These have an ASTM level 3 certification. A surgical mask will filter out a higher amount of bacteria at smaller sizes for a longer time, and N95 and higher classifications will filter out even more.
What’s the difference between NIOSH N95 and KN95 masks?
NIOSH is the US government organization that certifies masks that meet their standards. KN95 is a chinese certification, and as such, can’t be used in hospital environments inside the US.
What are ASTM levels 1, 2 and 3?
ASTM is a primarily US based organization that provides standards. The ASTM level 1 and 2 masks are procedural masks, meant to be used for short exposures to liquid, while the ASTM 3 meets the requirements for a NIOSH certification.

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